This is me!

Hola! I am Antonia McCloud and I created this blog as part of a family class assignment. I am a BYU-Idaho online student majoring in Family Studies. My dream is to become a MarIMG_1990riage and Family therapist, with an emphasis in child development. I want to help children be happy, help them handle stress and heart ache, show them the path to the light that will eventually lead them to an adulthood with promise and dreams fulfilled. 

        I have worked with high-risk children who left their homes and moved to the streets. Those children were some of the sweetest souls I have met, and yet their lives were filled with sorrow and pain. That experience changed me in such a way that I promised myself, in the name of those children, that I would do something to help others like them. And here I am, a full time mother, and now a full time student, working hard to keep my promise.