♥Have you ever heard couples say, “I marry my best friend?” Actually I have said that too, or maybe you have also. And if you still feel that way about your relationship with your sweetheart, then I can tell you that you are in the right path for a happy and successful marriage life. 

♥According to John Gottman, the country’s foremost relationship expert, he can predict if a marriage will last or it will end in divorce base in the kind of friendship they have. He strongly reaffirms that friendship is at the heart of a marriage and  that:

“..the key to reviving or divorce-proving a relationship is not in how you handle disagreement but in how you are with each other when you’re not fighting.”

     ♥Analyzed yourself and the time you spend with your spouse when you are not fighting, (hopefully most of the time you are not fighting). That’s the time when we really interact with each other, when we can share our feelings, interests,  plans, dreams and aspirations. Think about it, what do you do when you have time to spend with each other? Do you take advantage of that time to do something together? Do you laugh often, do you make sure he/she is happy? Gottam continues to say that:

“Happy marriages are based on a deep friendship. By this I mean a
mutual respect for and enjoyment of each other’s company.”
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“In the strongest marriages, husband and wife share a deep sense of meaning. They don’t just “get along”–they support each other’s hopes and aspirations and build a sense of purpose into their lives together. They honor and respect each other.”

Elder Marlin K. Jensen  said, 

“Nothing is more inspiring in today’s world of easily dissolved marriages than to observe a husband and wife quietly appreciating and enjoying each other’s friendship year in and year out as they experience together the blessings and trials of mortality.”  

      ♥So,  the question that is probably linguering in your head is, what is friendship? How can I know if I am a good friend to my spouse? And to answer that question perfectly, Elder Tanner said,

    “In fact, if the consummate Christian attribute of charity has a first cousin, it is friendship. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul slightly, friendship “suffereth long, and is kind; [friendship] envieth not; … seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; … [friendship] never faileth.” “
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        ♥ You may ask yourself,  what kind of friends are we to be? Even as Christ, because “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” And your grater friend in this life should always be  
                   YOUR SWEETHEART.
   ♥ I  really hope that as you were reading this post, that you where thinking  about the friendship you have with your spouse.  And if you think is kind of shaky, I hope you can follow this advice and start working on it and make it flourish, make it strong, and make it a priority in your life right now!!


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