♥Sometimes we say that we are willing to die for our sweet hearts, that our lives would have no sense without them.romania-couple-gardening-elderly-1407606-print Now, close your eyes and ask yourself, would you be willing to live for your sweetheart? Are you willing to find sense in the struggles you will face in your marriage?

We can say whatever we want regarding all the things we are willing to do in order to have a happy marriage, but if they are only that, thoughts then it won’t matter how good they are. We need action, we need to do, only doers accomplish something in life, only doers will reach their dreams.

 ♥One big proof of our true desire to help our marriages be as wonderful and beautiful as the ones in fairytales, is by completely and entirely giving our all to it. This concept is call consecration, and according to president Benson it means that we are willing to  “consecrate our time, talent, strength, property, and money for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God on this earth and the establishment of Zion.”

So you may ask, why are you talking about consecration and marriage? This is why, because according to Wallace Goddard if we want our marriage to work, to make it stronger and stronger each day then we must be willing to :

“I am willing to give away all my perry preferences in order to know the godliness in my spouse.”

“We are willing to love a failing partner. “

“It is acting to redeem our partner and our covenants with everything we have and everything we may draw from Heaven.”

So you tell me, what does consecration had to do with marriage? I will say, it has everything to do with marriage:

“…We are invited to dedicate our lives, our talents, our weekend, and our weakness to the sacred entries of sanctifying our marriages and ultimately perfecting our souls.” (Goddard, 2007)

 Marriage is all about sacrifice, all about love, all about giving all of yourself in order to make it work. So don’t be afraid, you won’t loose yourself, you will find yourself, happier in a loving and lasting marriage.